Every captain needs a good crew, and Miles admits that his success has a lot to do with the strong and talented team behind him.



Joining the real estate world was no accident for Miles Rost. When he started investing in properties in 2004, he quickly fell in love with the industry and decided to leave his corporate career behind and start out on a new journey. Today, he is recognized for his diligence, client advocacy, and wealth of knowledge displayed during every transaction.


Leader of the Rost Group, Miles utilizes his background in investing to smoothly guide clients into the making the soundest real estate choices. “Customer service is a huge priority for us, as is market and home knowledge. I’ve renovated over 50 houses, so I have a much more in-depth understanding of homes than most agents. I can really look at the structure, the foundation, and the true condition of the house thanks to my experience and give my clients advice that can ultimately help them make the right decision,” he explains.


Every captain needs a good crew, and Miles admits that his success has a lot to do with the strong and talented team behind him. “I have a great team that helps support me and truly makes the world go around. Together, we ensure that we’re always acting in our clients’ best interests, from start to close. When they hire us, they’re hiring a team that’s going to go to bat for them,” he says.



What Miles prides himself on the most is the knowledge that his clients are getting trusted advice on such a huge investment. “For most people this is largest investment and purchase they’ll ever make. Their home assets are the largest portion of their net worth, and so advising somebody to make a really sound financial decision like that feels incredibly rewarding,” he says, and adds, “We look at each home as an investment, and we analyze what the property will be worth 5 to 10 years from now so that our clients can have the full picture and all the relevant data.”


Having achieved much success, Miles likes to pay it forward by giving back through his time and donations. The two organizations he is involved with are Habitat for Humanity and Harvesters. His spare time is devoted to his four children and entails a lot of football and basketball coaching. He also enjoys spending quality time with friends and likes to go out on the lake and water ski during the summer and venture up to the mountains and snow ski in the winter.


Already in the top 1% of agents in the Kansas City area and finishing this year with $30,000,000 in sales volume, Miles strives to continue offering his clients the highest level of service in the years to come. “My goal is to keep serving our client base to the best of our abilities. We’ve built our business by referrals, so we want to continue giving this level of service and continue to grow by referral.”


Photography by Shannon Schultz



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