Building a new home is an exciting experience. The process appears simple on the surface—and you just know that everything will be shiny, new, and perfect. There’s nothing better than imagining your dream home…

We know how you feel and want all of our clients to live in the home of their dreams. To make your vision happen exactly as it should, we’d like to explain the importance of meeting with your Realtor® before you get together with a home builder.

Let’s break down the three big reasons why talking to us first is in your best interest.


#1 We represent you for FREE

Complimentary service is a big deal, and something that many buyers are not aware of. Did you know that the new construction home commission is paid by the builder? That means you can work with an Agent you know and trust, rather than working with a stranger.

#2 The on-site listing agent represents the developer and/or builder, not YOU

When you work directly with the builder, they will assign you the on-site agent. While this may feel convenient, this agent works for them, not YOU! When you work with us, we will represent your best interests, not theirs. We will negotiate the best possible terms into the contract on your behalf. If you’ve worked with us in the past, you also have the benefit of working with a friend who understands the things you value most, and that’s important!

#3 We give you an unbiased understanding of the home building process and options

With years of experience in remodeling and key relationships with the top home builders in the area, we can offer our clients the best possible deals and service. We are your trusted consultant, and can help you understand expectations, pitfalls, and design options.

  • We evaluate construction costs and set expectations about the build process
  • We are your liaison with the developer, and will make sure everything is clearly communicated between parties
  • We hold developers & builders accountable to expenses that should be covered, and to their costs and/or participation
  • We understand construction management and can see where they might cut corners
  • We provide design consultation and can help you make the right choices on upgrades that will provide the best return on investment


Need a list of reliable builders? Visit our preferred vendor page. Our recommended service providers receive preferred status through our experiences. These are vendors that we and/or our clients have worked with, that do the job right! If you still have questions, give us a call. We’re here to serve you and your homeowner needs! 913-451-4888



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