The colder weather has us spending more time indoors. A home inventory list is the perfect home maintenance item to cross off your list right now. If anything should happen to your home, a good inventory will help expedite a claim with your home insurance company.


While you should catalog every item you own, that can feel a little bit daunting. We recommend starting off with the big-ticket items you’d want your insurance company to know about if something happened to your home. These are items that you should have written down with descriptions, serial numbers, values, and other important details. Additionally, you should have photos of each item.

Once you’ve completed the details of your valuables list it’s a good idea to take photos or video of each room or area of the house. Don’t forget to open cabinets and drawers! This is an easy way to record your belonging in detail. It’s amazing how many things we each own and store in our homes!

We recommend storing everything electronically in the cloud, or you can look into various home inventory apps to assist you.

Once you’ve completed your inventory, set a reminder to update it each year so it stays up to date. You should also record expensive new purchases, such as electronics, as soon as you buy them.


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