While we do our best to protect our sellers, not everyone that is house hunting is honest. One of the most important things you can do when your home goes on the market is to protect your valuables. Even though a licensed realtor will be with each person viewing your home, they can’t be everywhere at once. Here is a list of the most commonly “lifted” items.


PRESCRIPTION DRUGS. Remove them from all bathrooms, bedrooms, and the kitchen.

WEAPONS. Use a locked gun safe or find a place off your property to store them.

TECHNOLOGY. Remove or lock up iPads, laptops, phones, smart speakers, AirPods, etc.

THE UN-PASSWORD PROTECTED. Be sure large items that will stay in the home—such as desktop computers are inaccessible.

VALUABLES. Remove small valuables that could easily “walk off”.

BILLS & PAPERWORK. Any documents that have account numbers, passwords, driver’s license number, or social security numbers on them should be taken out of the home.


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