Are you part of the 57% of people with a two-car garage that has one or both garages too full to get a car inside? Get organized! Now is a great time to clean out the garage. The first step to a clean garage involves taking everything out and deciding what to keep. Sort items into piles of keep, donate or sell, recycle and trash. Here’s a quick how-to and where to take everything you don’t keep.


Keep. Start by asking yourself the following question for everything in your garage. “When is the last time I used this item?” If the answer is within the past year, and you know you’ll use it again, put it in the keep pile. If it’s been over a year, or you can’t remember the last time you touched it, consider one of the options below.


Donate or sell. It’s easy to let things pile up as the kids get older. Old toys, bikes, and sporting equipment are great items to sell or donate. Have a swap, hold a garage sale, post items for sale online, or donate them to Operation Breakthrough, Scraps KC, or The Giving Brick.

Check your tools. If you have duplicates or you can easily rent or borrow an infrequently used item, consider selling. Unless you’re a handyman by trade you probably don’t need everything you have.


Recycle. If you can put it in your recycling can for pick up that’s great. Here are a few things you may have that can go in the bin: Anything in a metal aerosol can (but must be empty—no hiss noise when you depress the trigger), rinsed planting trays and pots, and cardboard boxes.

Recycle electronics with Midwest Recycling Center. For scrap metal and old appliances contact Rivers Edge Scrap Management. For building supplies, old cabinets, and things along these lines consider Habitat ReStore. If you’ve got Styrofoam coolers or large pieces from an appliance or furniture purchase, contact ACH Foam Technologies for recycling.


Hazardous waste. Get rid of any hazardous waste items that you have not or will not use. These are items that are flammable, toxic, corrosive, or are labeled “danger”, “warning”, or “caution”. Examples are paint, cleaning supplies, lawn chemicals, pesticides, antifreeze, windshield cleaner, oil, tires, batteries, florescent light bulbs and tubes, lighter fluid, and charcoal briquettes. It’s not a bad idea to check labels as well. Some car fluids do expire.

Make an appointment at your local hazardous waste recycling facility and get these items out! More info: Johnson County residents, Wyandotte County residents, Leavenworth County residents, or Missouri residents


Trash. Anything broken or beyond its useful life that can’t be recycled will need to be tossed. Examples are old garden hoses, scrap wood, broken tools, and other miscellaneous junk.


Get organized. Once you’ve gone through everything, find storage solutions that work for you. Check into storage bins you can label, shelving, cabinets, hooks to hang items, and pegboards. Avoid using cardboard boxes for storage. That’s an invitation to pests and mold!

If you need help with garage organization let us know. We can recommend an organization specialist to help you! Call 913-451-4888 or email us.

If you need help with hauling off junk, recycling, metal, appliances, or other items visit our recommended vendor page {{ HERE }}.