Before going on the market your kitchen should be clear of clutter and excess items, but a kitchen that is completely empty can feel stark. Make your kitchen one that homebuyers can picture themselves in. A few well-placed items will make your kitchen feel warm and inviting. Here are some of our best ideas to make your kitchen the heart of your home.


Cookbooks, Cutting Boards & Wood Décor

A simple cutting board or a cookbook with an artful cover will catch a home viewer’s eye; allowing them to imagine themselves cooking in your kitchen. As an added bonus, many cutting boards are lovely decorative pieces. And while your cutting board could be any attractive material, adding some wood pieces can add warmth to your kitchen, especially one that is completely white.


Cooktop & Countertop Items

Maybe you’ve got a gorgeous Le Creuset dish or tea kettle, or you’re lucky enough to have a top-of-the line KitchenAid mixer. Placing one of these items out on your counter or cooktop feels inviting and can really help pull things together if it coordinates with an accent color used in your kitchen. These items needn’t have an expensive name brand though. Simply look for a couple of charming items that add personality, and a splash of color to your kitchen.


Floral Arrangements

Nothing says WELCOME like fresh flowers. Bright blooms add a splash of color. They could be a single hue that coordinates, or a mixed bouquet, depending on the style of your home. Be sure to consider the vase too. Make sure the height doesn’t block the view, and that the vase isn’t overpowering. If you’re not sure which way to go, you can’t go wrong with a clear glass vessel. Another option is a neutral display of just greenery in place of flowers. If you plan on keeping fresh floral arrangements out during the time your home is on the market, don’t forget to replace them as they begin to wilt.


Decorative Trays

Grouping items together can help pull a look together, and keep keep things tidy. A tray with your soap dispenser and a plant by the sink looks very put together. Another idea is grouping a few items you use frequently with a decorative piece or two in a tray on the counter. Wood trays are a favorite right now, and look especially nice in updated, light colored kitchens.


Fresh Herbs & Plants

Greenery brings a kitchen to life! A small grouping of plants adds just the touch you need. Displaying fresh herbs will call out to those who love to cook. Another option we love is succulents. As an added bonus, most succulents do best when watered infrequently. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, thankfully there are many fake plants that look real enough to fool just about anyone.


Fresh Fruit

If you want to add something without breaking the budget, fresh fruit in a simple bowl will do the trick. We love a pop of one color. Our personal favorite is a container of lemons. They feel very fresh, but anything that is long-lasting and matches your kitchen will do the trick. Be sure to replace the fruit before it goes bad or use realistic artificial fruit if the home is unoccupied.


Decorative Soda Bottles

If you’ve got open shelving or a pretty pantry, we love the look of Italian soda bottles— especially the kind with old-style stoppers. Pellegrino bottles are a favorite prop among designers and photo stylists.


When you stage your kitchen to sell, think about what will best complement the style and color palette of your home. Using one or two of the ideas listed above will make a world of difference! If you’d like help, or want a second opinion, feel free to reach out to us. As home sales specialists, the members of The Rost Group are uniquely qualified to help.



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