We were honored to be featured in the Nationwide & International Residential edition of Top Agent Magazine, December 2021. Top Agent Magazine features the top producing and most accomplished professionals in the real estate industry, offering an in-depth look at their careers and providing a blueprint for their success. You can read the full article below!


Every captain needs a good crew, and Miles admits that his success has a lot to do with the strong and talented team behind him.

Joining the real estate world was no accident for Miles Rost. When he started investing in properties in 2004, he quickly fell in love with the industry and decided to leave his corporate career behind and start out on a new journey. Today, he is recognized for his diligence, client advocacy, and wealth of knowledge displayed during every transaction.


Leader of the Rost Group, Miles utilizes his background in investing to smoothly guide clients into the making the soundest real estate choices. “Customer service is a huge priority for us, as is market and home knowledge. I’ve renovated over 50 houses, so I have a much more in-depth understanding of homes than most agents. I can really look at the structure, the foundation, and the true condition of the house thanks to my experience and give my clients advice that can ultimately help them make the right decision,” he explains. {{ READ MORE }} 





KC Real Producers | July 2020


We were honored to be interviewed for the “Investor to Agent” feature of KC Real Producers, July 2020. You can read the whole story below!



With renovation experience, Miles Rost and his team know houses inside and out.


From foundation to roof and everything in between, Miles Rost and his team know houses. His experience buying and selling investment properties has given Miles an edge in every aspect of the real estate business.


“I like to call myself a renovator instead of a flipper,” said Miles. “I love taking something old, ugly, or dilapidated, seeing the vision, and making it new again. I’ve always been very particular in my renovations, making sure they are something I want to put the Rost name to.”


That benchmark of “can you put your name to it” came early in his career from a mentor, and it’s been the standard since. Miles has followed his fascination in real estate from buying his first rental property in his twenties to making the leap to REALTOR® in 2004 to being in the top one percent of Kansas City’s agents for the last ten years. {{ READ MORE }}






We were asked to contribute to a journal-style edition of KCRP in June 2020. “Tell Us Something Good” features a look at the positives during a time when COVID-19 had most of us under stay at home orders. You can read more about The Rost Group’s story in our article.



The Rost Group Brings Out the Positive Things Happening All Around Us

What are the best things happening in our world right now? Families are spending more quality time together, and in many ways slowing down the pace of their busy lives. We are learning to appreciate what is important to us. Helping others has become a top priority.


While writing this, we are all under stay-at-home orders due to COVID-19. The struggle is real, and it extends to our work families. As a team, we are trying to not only be available to our clients, but we want to support them, and lift them up. How can we make a difference? After all, resources are limited, and everyone has different needs right now. We decided that a feel-good competition could be just the thing to lift our clients’ spirits, and at the same time, we would be able to support our local community through our prizes. {{ READ MORE }}